Endurance Racing

If you crave competition look no further than endurance racing. A perfect activity that gives you both excitement and also huge team building skills and rewards for all involved.
Endurance racing is a team activity with teams of drivers operating a kart with the challenge to win the event by getting the most laps. It involves strategy, tactics, changing drivers and getting your lap time perfect.
• The members of the group will be divided into 10 separate teams of equal numbers. If there is 40 people in attendance there is 4 people on each team. Each team will be assigned a random kart. The kart number does not correspond with your team number. Team 1 may have kart 14.
• The race is won by the team that completes the most amount of laps in the time given. If two teams have the same amount of laps, the team with the overall fastest lap through the entire session will win.
• The race is won by strategically planning pit stops. Do not pit your kart at the same time as every other team. While you are waiting in the pits with everyone else, the remaining drivers will have an open track and easily take the lead. It is up to you to plan how you want to win. Each team can swap drivers as many times as they want and as often as they like through the race.


• While one team member is driving, another team member will hold out their Team Card over the viewing area so the driver on track will know its time to swap out. Another team member will be sitting on the bench in the pit lane with their equipment on ready to get into their kart. Make sure you have all your equipment on before holding out the team card.
• Helmets are available downstairs in reception. All helmets have the sizes displayed on them making it easier to choose a size. Before putting on your helmet, grab one of the balaclavas provided and put in on over your head. This will prevent your hair/skin from coming in contact with the helmet. Grab a pair of gloves and a neck brace. Everything will be clearly displayed. All equipment will
be checked by the pit-lane Marshall before being allowed into a kart. Seat inserts are available to those with smaller frames or back issues.



Endurance packages are tailored to your group size – Price on request