Questions and Answers

Question: What should I wear?

Answer: Trainers are best but shoes are fine. You will not be permitted to drive in flip-flops/ sandals or any open toe footwear.

Question: How do I book?

Answer: To make a booking call the Cork or Limerick centre. Leave a message if it’s busy or email or

Question: Is there a minimum number required to participate?

Answer:  No minimum is required. You can join a group in any number.

Question: Are deposits refundable?

Answer:  Deposits are non-refundable. All payments are non-refundable. Some can be moved in certain circumstances.

Question: What happens if I am late?

Answer:  All drivers must have a safety briefing before their session. All sessions have an allocated start time, so we cannot guarantee participation for latecomers.

Question: Has all karting to be pre booked?

Answer: YES, all sessions need to be pre-booked, and a deposit paid.

Question: What is the cost of karting?

Answer: All prices are on the website for all options.

Question: What is the arrival time?

Answer: You must arrive 30 minutes before your start time.

Question: Will I get instructions of what to do?

Answer: YES all rules and details will be explained before your session.

Question: Do I have to wear a helmet?

Answer: YES you will be supplied with a balaclava, neck brace,  full face helmet and gloves.

Question: What is the minimum age to kart?

Answer: Minimum age is 8 years old and child must be 4ft 5 inches or 1350mm tall.

Question: How long is a kids session?

Answer: Kids sessions are only 20 minutes long for safety reasons.

Question: Can kids do 2 sessions of 20 minutes back to back?

Answer: Karting is tiring, that is why we only allow 20 minutes long for safety reasons.

Question: Can adults run in a junior session?

Answer: Yes they can but they will run at reduced speed for safety reasons.

Question: What are Kids Party options?

Answer: Kids party is just 20 minutes of karting and max of 5 kids per session for safety reasons.

Question: Can we bring food into eat after karting?

Answer: We no longer have this facility.  

Question: What other amusements do ye have there?

Answer: We don’t offer any other activities onsite.

Question:  How far are you from city centre?

Answer: Cork Centre is 15 minutes’ walk. Limerick Centre is 6 miles approx leave enough time to get to your destination.

 Question: Is there parking available onsite?

Answer: Yes, there is free parking at both locations for cars and busses.

Question: What is karting? Is it like bumpers?

Answer: No, karting can be dangerous it is not like bumper cars, it is a no-contact sport.

Question: How many can run on the track at any 1 time?

Answer: 10 karts can run together on the track at a time.

Question: How old have you to be to fit into the adult karts?

Answer: Over 15 years old and 5ft 4 inches or 1625 mm.

Question: Can I bring my own racewear?

Answer: Yes, you can, as long as it is to a proper safety standard.

Question: Is there a waiting area onsite?

Answer: Yes, both Cork and Limerick have waiting and viewing areas.

Question: Can you watch the karting if you are not participating?

Answer: Yes, you can watch the action in both centres.

Question: What is drift karting? Is it fun?

Answer: Drift karting is a little bit like driving on ice where you slide the rear of your kart on the bends. Great fun, but it takes time to get the hang of it.

Question: Can you do drifting in Cork and Limerick?

Answer: No, we only do the drift karting at our Limerick centre..

Question: What type of engines are on the karts?

Answer: The kids karts have a 160 cc engine and the adults drift and normal karts have 270 cc engines.